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Safeguarding Alert

Netflix advice on setting parental controls

You may be aware of a Netflix programme called The Squid Game, scenes from this are currently extremely popular on social media. 

Currently, Squid Game has a rating of 15+ as the visual content includes high levels of gore, death, violence, and physical assault. It also has graphic depictions of suicide, murder, and sexual assault.

A number of our pupils have been playing the game ‘Red Light, Green Light’ on the playground.  This is a childhood game similar to ‘What’s the Time Mr Wolf’ but has been changed in the Squid Games to depict violence.  We are allowing pupils to continue playing the ‘kind’ version of this game. In this version, if children are caught moving they are 'out' and begin again.

Children and young people are likely to know about the show via word of mouth and because it is so popular on social media. They may be unaware of the extent of gore, death, and violence the show contains. It also focuses on adult themes that are not appropriate for younger sensibilities. 

Parents and carers should be aware that video content from this show is found on TikTok and also You Tube, which could also increase their interest in watching the show. Remember: even if you restrict the young person in your care from watching Squid Game, they may be able to access content on other social media platforms.

Please monitor your children’s online activity to ensure that they are kept safe. Below is a link to setting parental controls on Netflix.